To empower people with physical disabilities to achieve their potential.


We are dedicated to addressing the needs of the persons with physical disabilities through therapeutic exercises.


We serve persons of all ages specializing in the following areas:

   Spinal cord injury
   Brain injury
   Parkinson’s disease
   Multiple Sclerosis
   Cerebral Palsy and other Neurological conditions


Friends of P.A.T.H Spinal Cord Injury Society, an organization registered in January 2010 (#803368828RC0001) began with a mission to raise funds to assist people with spinal chord injury receive therapy.

By April 2013 Friends of PATH SCI Society founder Joanne Rogers realized the Society needed to expand its focus. The Friends of Path board expanded. The new name Move Adapted Fitness and Rehabilitation Society was chosen, specialized equipment donated to the new space and the transition from Friends of PATH SCI Society to MOVE began.  We are grateful another donor stepped up to the plate and covered the rental of space for a year. 


PRESIDENT: Jacqui Van Alstyne, Registered Physiotherapist
VICE-PRESIDENT: Gwendolen O'Connor
TREASURER:  Carmilinia Piemontesi
SECRETARY: Joanne Rogers, Businesswoman
MEMBERS AT LARGE: Kabir Baburi, Patrick Dudding, Craig McKinnon, Gwendolen O'Connor, Hillary Acosta

PAST PRESIDENTS:  Ian Brown, Adam De Levie, Hillary Acosta

Hillary Acosta

With 13 years of experience under her belt, Hillary has practiced physiotherapy at several health centres including seven years at G.F. Strongwhere she gained invaluable experience dealing with a variety of neurological and complex orthopaedic conditions.  Always updating her skills, she has completed various post-graduate courses.  She is qualified with PWR! For Parkinson’s disease  and vestibular rehabilitation and has completed several Bobath courses for spinal cord injury, brain injury and hemiplegia.  A mother of two she enjoys cooking and taking her two boys on adventures. Hillary has seen the benefits of the combination of individualized exercise, hands-on manual therapy and motivation.  She believes in enabling those with impairments to enhance their quality of life, through an accessible fitness centre like MOVE.



A graduate of Shawinigan Lake School, Adam has a busy life in the construction industry.  He has direct experience with the importance of exercise for people with spinal cord injury. In 2008 while working Vancouver, he was injured in a rugby accident. After months of standard rehabilitation therapy, he was discharged into what felt like an unaccepting world.  His family discovered there was a Lokomat Robotic Walking Assisted Therapy machine at Neuromotion Physiotherapy in Vancouver and his recovery truly lept forward with the regular exercise. He returned to Victoria to accept a job offer and since then has kept on exceeding his personal targets for recovery. He is passionate about MOVE in particular because so many people cannot afford to continue therapy and until now, there has been no supervised place for the disabled to exercise on their own time at their own pace.